Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to import Data base Dump? - Oracle

When we set up oracle server , we should create a data base going to data base configuration tool provided by Oracle.
When a data base is created, go to command prompt and type "imp" or go to bin directory available inside oracle folder where we can find imp.exe and double click on it.
It prompts for user name and password. Where we have to provide user name of the schema that is created with the creation of data base.
Note: You can import a data base dump file into the data base shema through a user who has DBA privileges.

Once proper username/password@Databasename is provided, it prompts for the data base dump file path for which we can drag and drop the dump file available onto the prompt command window.
Once this is done, we should press enter , which continues importing data base dump file.
It also prompts for few options like to import entire dump file, to compress extents, etc...we can also observe it shows the charater set of the imported data base dump file ,destination data base character set, from user of the data base dump file etc...
Once the import is completed it automatically closes the window where user shall continue using the schema.

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