Thursday, March 12, 2009

Session Timeout problem for Long running processes

There could multiple functionalities or processes in a business or multiple businesses with multiple processes that could run for a very long time.
So if these kinds of business are accessed using web server, definitely session time out could create some problems.
To avert these session time outs, I would like to propose a solution that could be 100% effectual if the web application runs on Intranet.
Mostly long running process deal with database, so I would like to go on by considering the below system or level of communication that happens.

Since, web server halts the response until the records are completely inserted into the database.user may experience session time out after some time gap.
To avoid this, solution I believe that could be better for LAN based web applications is

We cannot do this for Internet as it is not really good option to open thread for each world wide request.

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