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Dot Net Development: LINQ improves the productivity of a developer

Author: Tyler Moon

Microsoft Language Integrated Query (LINQ) offers developers a latest way to query data using strongly-typed queries and strongly-typed results, frequent across a number of dissimilar data types including relational databases, .NET objects, and XML. With the help of strongly-typed queries and results, LINQ improves the productivity of a developer with the benefits of IntelliSense and compile-time error checking.


LINQ to SQL is an object-relational mapping (ORM) framework which ensures the direct 1-1 mapping of a Microsoft SQL Server database to .NET classes, and query of the resultant objects using LINQ. More specifically, LINQ to SQL has been developed with a goal to rapidly develop the scenario against Microsoft SQL Server where the database is very similar to the application object model and the primary concern is amplified developer productivity.

LINQ to Entities

LINQ to Entities is, exclusively, a part of the ADO.NET Entity Framework which permits LINQ query capabilities. The Entity Framework is the fruition of ADO.NET that enables developers to program in terms of the standard ADO.NET abstraction or in terms of persistent objects (ORM) and is built upon the standard ADO.NET Provider model that ensures an access to third party databases. The Entity Framework harbingers a new set of services around the Entity Data Model (EDM).

LINQ to DataSet

LINQ is one of the best ways to make queries and set based operations first class citizens in the .NET world. It enables queries to be printed in the development language, and provides compile time type checking. In addition, LINQ ensures full power of the framework to be used when writing queries. LINQ to DataSets bestows this power to your DataSet based application.

Technical Articles

The major scenarios for which each of these technologies have been designed:

Webcasts: It is the Entity Framework for Database Administrators (Level 200) which is a new data technology from Microsoft that may chiefly rouse the interest of database administrators (DBAs).

Framework Masterclass: LINQ to SQL (Level 200) is a Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) that provides a familiar way to work with data in your applications.

Introducing LINQ to DataSet (Level 200):

Exploration of new technologies within Microsoft Visual Studio code name "Orcas" make working with data a better practice. One such technology is Microsoft .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ), code name for a set of extensions to the Microsoft .NET Framework that include language-integrated data query, set, and change operations.

Microsoft Language Integrated Query (LINQ) makes way for the dot net development a latest way to query data using strongly-typed queries and strongly-typed results.

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