Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good learning today about Project Integration

It is a very fantastic learning today,while installing patch release of my project on client machine connecting remotely.
My project is one among 2 projects with client that share common data base. Which i did not realise when installing or configuring my project.
I started running DB scripts which consists of 350 triggers that i need to re create on client data base. So before that i self decided to drop all exiting triggers which might create mess up. So i have written a batch file that drops all excising triggers in schema. Unfortunately i forget to skip the triggers existing and being used by another project , so the main pipe line between the 2 projects is broken once i dropped triggers.
Client has reported an issue saying there is no communication between 2 projects which i realised when client stated.
Tomorrow is most interesting day that i need to sort out this issue :)

I hope you understand the theme of this article, we should be very care full when working on projects that have dependencies or have projects that share i/p or o/p each other.

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