Friday, November 28, 2008

How to display hyperlink using label in html page

Cascading style sheet helps in this kind of stuff. Indirectly displaying a label as hyperlink is anchor tag. But it differs much more in actual attributes or properties with anchor tag.


When the above style class (hyperlnk) is applied as cssclass attribute to a label, it looks like simillar to an anchor tag.
Further more styles can be applied on mouse over/on mouse out of label to have more user friendly response.

In this case say if we would like show hand cursor on mouse over , we just say as onmouseover=”’hand’;”.
Also when user clicks on the hyper link to open window with url of label.
<label class="hyperlnk" id="lblLnk" onmouseover="'hand';" onclick=";"></label>

Out put:

Now when user clicks on the above link, window opens with as page.

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