Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Install Simulator and Cod File in BlackBerry?

Downloading and Installing the BlackBerry Simulator
First, you’ll need to download and install the BlackBerry Simulator.You download from this URL.   Head over to the download page (link below), select the version of BlackBerry OS you want to try, and click Next.  We’re going to select v6.0.0, which is the latest version that will ship on the BlackBerry Torch.
You’ll need to register for the download, so enter your name and other info.
When you’re done, confirm that your information is correct, select whether or not you want to receive emails from RIM or BlackBerry, and click Next.
Agree to the license, and click Next.
Finally, click the Download link to download the simulator software.
Once the download is finished, run the installer.  Your computer may need to install some extra dependencies, so simply click Next to continue and install them automatically.

Once the prerequisites are installed, you’ll see the standard BlackBerry Simulator installer; click Next and setup as normal.
Once it’s installed, you’ll be ready to run your new virtual BlackBerry device from the start menu.
Using the BlackBerry Simulator
When you first run the Simulator, you may need to add an exception for it to your Firewall.  Windows Firewall will ask you to allow it to access your home networks, so just click Allow Access to let it have access to the internet.
You’ll also be prompted by the simulator with info about using the virtual touch screen on the simulator.
Now you’ll see a virtual BlackBerry on your desktop, booting the latest version of BlackBerry OS.
The simulator may be larger than your screen, so you may have to scroll down to see all of the virtual device.  You can change the zoom on the device from the View menu if you’d like.
Here’s the simulator at 50% zoom, so now we can see it all at once.
Install Apps Manually
If you have a BlackBerry app you’ve downloaded directly from the internet, you can install it in the emulator as well.  Click Load BlackBerry Application in the File menu to open the application.

Select the *.cod file you’ve downloaded in the Explorer window that opens.

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