Friday, January 6, 2012

How the install .apk file into BlackBerry Playbook?


    Every body today i got one solution about install .apk file into BlackBerry Playbook .Here i given you some step so follow it .

   Right now this step for beta Os 2.0.

Step : 1 -  First Register your playbook devices for Os 2.0 beta into below Link


     Note :- Make sure you upgrade your Playbook Os into 24 hr another you register Second time.

Step : 2 - Now you repackaging apk file into bar file.So follow the below link.In there some instruction given you               so follow those instruction.


Step : 3 - This all step follow then install Android SDK and also install blackberry Playbook SDK.

Step : 4 - After install all you connect your device to Computer and then on the development mode from the devices at that time you got one IP so this ip use into install .bar file into Devices.

Step : 5 - Check this URL for install app to Playbook.


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