Friday, February 20, 2009

How to prepare set up using Visual studio

Visual studio configuration options helps to create a set up or .MSI file very easily.
We should create a separate project saying set up project as below template.
When we try to create a set up, we should right click on the solution file in Visual studio editor.
Using Visual studio we can browse set of files (.Exe’s or .Dll’s etc…) which support for an application to be runned.
I am considering a sample project which has been created for demo.
Note:- Before creating a set up project be sure the application for which you are willing to prepare must be builded and that too in release mode.

1) So now I am right clicking on my solution file and saying “Add new Project”
Then a dialog appears to select type and name of new project.
I am selecting “Set up project” because my current project for which I am preparing set up is windows application.

2) After giving project name (Setup1) and clicking on Ok
I can see the windows splitted with 3 options in UI.

3) Now I am right clicking on each 3 options and setting required options that are to be done after installing this set up file.
I have chosen an .Exe file I have

Setting an option to create shortcut on desktop while installing this set up file

Setting an option to create shortcut on programs menu while installing this set up file

Note:- You can also find many set up properties by looking into properties window of “Application folder”, “Set up” project etc…
4) Now I am building my entire solution in “release” mode.
5) After building successfully I found the set up files (.exe and .msi) at the set up project folder.

6) I am installing this set up file now.

I have done with my installation setting folder where do I need to create.

I can find short cut created on my desk top

I can find short cut created in programs menu

After clicking on the shot icon, I can find my windows form for which I have prepared set up.

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